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Starting Off Legal Conversations: 6 Great Ideas

Starting any legal conversation can be tricky. The circumstances will delegate the tone and content of the conversation, but opening and flowing the lines of communication will take tact and creativity. The following tips can generate communication on a Read more »

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Why Proper Language Is Important in Notarized Documents

Notary certificates in California now require a consumer notice, according to First Tuesday Journal, or they can get rejected by your county recorder. This new law went into effect on January 1, 2015. Here are additional details every business attorney should Read more »

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How You Can Stay Safe from DUI and DWI on Halloween

Halloween celebration often leads most people to drink more than they have planned. For many party animals, drinking and driving can be fatal or could lead to jail time with penalties and license suspension. Under Colorado law enforcement, drunk driving offenses are categorized on the basis of blood alcohol content Read more »

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