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Is Your Business Complying with Computer Use Policies?

Prior to the computer revolution, it wasn’t necessary for most executives to learn much about computer technology unless that was their chosen field. Nearly all businesses now deal with computers on some level. It’s important for all employers to protect themselves by learning the basics, especially when it comes to computer use policies.

Why Computer Use Policies Matter

If your business doesn’t implement computer use policies, it can lead to unethical or even illegal behavior among employees. If the public found out, for example, that an employee downloads a lot of pornography or pirated software, it could lead to a damaging scandal. You certainly don’t want a hacker on your team who plays pranks on co-workers.

Social Media Policy

As popular as social media has become, even in business, you still need to make sure your staff isn’t just wasting time playing on Facebook or Twitter. If it has something to do with your business, like if you’re an online marketer that offers social media monitoring, that’s fine. However, even in that scenario you don’t want your employees saying negative things to prospects that could hurt your company’s image.

Privacy Rules

Make sure your staff is informed in writing that as an employer you have a right to monitor emails, social media and all other electronic communications that occur on company equipment. Be clear on what defines improper use, which helps prevent workplace shenanigans. Mention various reasons why it’s necessary for such monitoring as a measure of quality control.


Your computer use policy should be very specific and warn employees that policy violations can lead to disciplinary actions including termination. Be unequivocal about stating your company has a zero tolerance for violations, which will help enforce your computer use policy that applies to all employees.

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