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How You Can Stay Safe from DUI and DWI on Halloween

Halloween celebration often leads most people to drink more than they have planned. For many party animals, drinking and driving can be fatal or could lead to jail time with penalties and license suspension.
Under Colorado law enforcement, drunk driving offenses are categorized on the basis of blood alcohol content (BAC) as:

  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI) – If BAC is measured to be higher than .08%

  • Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) – If BAC is found between .05% and .08%

DUI/DWI on Halloween

The laws of Colorado and Washington consider driving under the influence (DUI) and driving while intoxicated (DWI) a severe misdemeanor and officers stay on a lookout for offenders especially on the Halloween night and the next morning. A person charged under DUI or DWI faces 1-year jail term with penalties, mandatory public service and license revocation. The charges increase in intensity if the offense is repeated.

Many variables help to decide when a person is legally drunk. It depends on the age, weight and lapse of time between drinks. So, different people get legally drunk with a different number of drinks.

3 Tips to Avoid DUI/DWI Arrests on Halloween
Don’t turn the Halloween party into a nightmare by getting charged for DUI/DWI. Stay safe and avoid getting arrested on Halloween with these suggestions:

  1. Use a Breathalyzer. Using a breathalyzer can save you from waking up in jail the next morning. A breathalyzer can instantly assess your BAC level and help you avoid getting jailed for DUI or DWI charges. Breathalyzers measure the blood alcohol content (BAC) level and let you know whether you have crossed the safe limit. It can be a lifesaver.

  2. Find a Ride Home. If you do not have access to a breathalyzer and are unsure of the BAC level, try getting a ride home and avoid driving by all means. This is the best way to stay safe from DUI/DWI charges. Prior to the party, keep your options open for taking a taxi ride, rideshare, or public transit to reach home safely. At the same time, consider staying over a friend or a relative’s house overnight.

  3. Don’t Indulge in Binge Drinking Sessions. If you have to drive after the Halloween party, stay away from indulging in any kind of binge drinking. When people start drinking, they tend to easily exceed the number of drinks and shoot up their BAC level. The best way to stay under the legal limit is to have zero number of drinks before driving, as even a small amount could get you legally drunk.

Getting arrested for DUI/DWI charges not only spoils your Halloween fun, but also puts a negative impact on your future. Try to avoid risking the charges but if you find yourself in a legal trouble, call our Colorado attorneys at Keating and Lyden for immediate legal assistance at (303) 448-880.

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