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Do You Need an Attorney for Trademark Infringement?

Attorney for Trademark

Trademarks are necessary to protect intellectual property such as the name of your business, slogans, and products. Legal cases involving trademarks and copyrights can be very complex due to the case by case nature of intellectual property. Hiring an experienced attorney in your field will give you advantages. Here Read more »

Search and Seizure: Most Common Questions People Ask

The idea of search and seizure is pretty foreign to most Americans, even if they do know that the police can search your home and belongings with proper authority. That doesn’t mean that people don’t have questions when faced with the search of their property. Keep reading to learn Read more »

Copyright a Website: What You Should Know

Copyright a Website

Every publisher should be aware of what "copyright" actually means. As Keating Law Firm points out, it's a necessary consideration for all content creators, including website owners. Copyright registration is not mandatory for owners of creative works, but it legally clarifies their intellectual property ownership in court cases. Intellectual Read more »

Is Refusing Breathalyzer Test a Smart Idea?

Breathalyzer tests are being used by police departments all over the United States to check and see if people driving on the roads are under the influence of alcohol. It is a well-known fact that drinking and driving have been always a serious threat to the life of drivers Read more »

Starting Off Legal Conversations: 6 Great Ideas

Starting any legal conversation can be tricky. The circumstances will delegate the tone and content of the conversation, but opening and flowing the lines of communication will take tact and creativity. The following tips can generate communication on a Read more »