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Know About the Laws and Penalties of Underage DUI in CA

It's no secret that underage drinking and driving is a serious problem; one that can lead to serious injury, property damage, and even loss of life. Knowing the law - and what will happen to you if you break it - is an essential first step to avoiding this Read more »

Tips to Avoid DUI Accidents and Celebrate New Year Safely

New Year's Eve is a time when many people let loose for a night and celebrate the past year while looking forward to a bright future. Almost every New Year's party that you're going to attend, whether it's in a private residence, at a bar or a restaurant will Read more »

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How You Can Stay Safe from DUI and DWI on Halloween

Halloween celebration often leads most people to drink more than they have planned. For many party animals, drinking and driving can be fatal or could lead to jail time with penalties and license suspension. Under Colorado law enforcement, drunk driving offenses are categorized on the basis of blood alcohol content Read more »

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