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Business Planning Season 2017: Should You Incorporate Your Business?

Business Planning Season 2017

The short answer is an emphatic, yes. There are many important reasons to incorporate or organize a business. One of the primary reasons is to insulate your personal assets from the debts of the business. If for any reason your business is sued, then your personal savings and Read more »

End-of-Year Checklist for Your Small Business

Tax Business

It's a great time of year to consider some year-end steps for your business so that you can have a clear business focus at the start of the new year. Here is a simple end-of-year checklist for your small Read more »

Buying a Business? 5 Must-Follow Steps

Buying a business

Buying a business is a business activity where an entrepreneur or an experienced business owner, instead of starting a new business from the scratch, buys an established organization or business involved in the particular service or products the owner is interested in.

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Ideal Vesting Norms for Corporates

Ideal Vesting Norms for Corporates

Entrepreneurs should embrace the term "vesting" more than intimidating phrases such as "pre-money valuation" or "anti-dilution adjustments." Vesting is a form of investing that gives the investor choices in the form of stock options. Here are more details on the benefits of vesting.

Effective Exit Strategies You Can Consider for Your Business

As ironic as it may sound, exit strategy is an important part of entering a business venture. Exit strategy helps define the purpose and direction of your business that whether it will eventually move toward an acquisition, merger, more funding or liquidation. Without an exit strategy your business may Read more »

Different FICO Scores: Why They Are Important for Your Business

The FICO score of your business can make a big difference in interest payments on loans. That's why it's a good idea to maintain as high of a score as possible, so that when loans are needed, you won't have to face high fees. Here are more details about Read more »

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